I had a camera as a young teenager - you know the type, a point and shoot. Occasionally I would get one, really good shot back from the chemist, where it was developed. (Yes you youngsters it was film!) A shot that would make me proud and think, I really like taking pictures. And so my journey began.

I started to take it more seriously about 10 years ago, as a distraction from work. Digital had arrived but not in my house; I liked black and white film. I progressed slowly learning composition and other basics from magazine articles and a very handy "how to" book I got from a Secret Santa.

I joined Plymouth Camera Club when we upped sticks and moved to Devon. I've learned a lot since then and I really enjoy my photography, which is now a bit of an obsession. I gained my LRPS and followed that with my ARPS just over a year later. In 2019 I gained my Fellowship in the Contemporary Category. I like that the RPS distinctions give you something to focus on and aim for. I need that - it focuses the mind.

I have had many acceptances into International Photographic Salons and won a few gold medals along the way. Salon photography is quite a challenge as the images need to have immediate impact, punch and meaning. As my photography wanders off into the creative zone it becomes more difficult to gain acceptances. 

I love nature and wildlife and concentrate on outdoor photography. Do I have a style yet? You can make your own mind up on that score.  

My prints are available to buy.  Just contact me below and let me know what you want. A4 size are £30.00 plus postage and A3 are £40.00 plus postage.  Anything bigger I'll have to provide a specific quote.




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