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A little bit about me ........


I had a camera as a young teenager - you know the type, a point and shoot. Occasionally I would get one, really good shot back from the chemist, where it was developed: (Yes you youngsters it was film!) a shot that would make me proud and think, I really like taking pictures. And so my journey began.

I love the outdoors and concentrate on that ype of photography. I love taking landscapes and multiple exposure images, although my fellowship with the RPS took me away from that to my passion for animal wellbeing and conservation in the wild.

My photography has developed into art and I am influenced by some marvelous female photographers who share my passion.

The RPS has proved to be a guiding light for me and has helped me work in projects and given me someting to aim for.

I am available to local camera clubs as an Assessor for competitions. So feel free to contact me via my contact section. I also do a talk on my images and multiple exposure to camera clubs either via Zoom or if local in person - with prints.


My prints are available to buy.  You can send me a message on the contact form below with your request and I will provde a quote.

Contact Me

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